How To Destroy Your Church…Effortlessly.

Why Assuming The Gospel Is Deadly For The Church.

If you’re a Christian leader, there are many ways to destroy your church. Some of the more popular methods include:

Committing adultery.

Starting a controversy that divides your church.

Or stealing from the general giving.

They’re all successful ways of ruining your ministry.

However, all of these activities take effort on your part.

But what I’m about to share with you is the tried and true method for wrecking your Church or Ministry,  effortlessly.

Within one generation.

And it all starts with understanding a very important principle: the principle of decay.

Run Down Church


1) Talking About My (De)Generation

Decay Is The Natural Norm In Church Life.

In a broken and fallen world, we’re all subject to the degeneration and decay process.

Our bodies decay.

Nature decays.

And the Church decays.

(That includes your Church/Ministry, too, by the way).

The Welsh preacher Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones put it this way:

[T]he history of the church throughout the centuries, shows very clearly that there is nothing static in the life of the church. There is always a process of change and development, and unfortunately, as is true of nature, the process is generally one of degeneration.

And this first principle works itself out in the following way:

2) Why Every Church/Ministry is Only One Generation From Collapse

Once People Start Assuming The Gospel, It’s Game Over.

This is where the rubber hits the road.

If you understand this, you’ll have no trouble destroying your church within one generation.

Richard Chin, respected head of the prominent campus Christian organisation, the Australian Fellowship Of Evangelical Students (AFES), recently said:

What’s preached by the first generation, is assumed by the second generation, then forgotten by the third, and denied by the fourth.

From preaching the gospel, to outright denying the gospel, in 4 generations.

Not bad, eh? Satan would be (and is) proud! 

(You can see this principle at work all throughout Western Christendom: once great churches and denominations now reduced to empty buildings).

But here’s the key: which generation is responsible for the death of a Church or ministry?

Answer: the second generation.

The gospel ‘assumers’.

For if they assume the gospel, they’re not going to pass it on.

And without the gospel being passed on,  it’s game over for subsequent generations.

Destruction is (almost) assured…as the gospel leaves the Church, the people will too…it’ll eventually die, and the building will be bought by a cafe or nightclub.

So if you’re leading a Church or ministry, just preach as if everybody already knows the gospel…I mean, there’s no need to insult people’s intelligence, is there?

Whatever you do, don’t check your people’s understanding of the gospel (you’d be surprised at how fuzzy most people’s understanding of the gospel really is).

Just let the slide happen…and before you know it, even your once-healthy gospel ministry will be ruined.

With next to no effort on your part.

What could be easier?






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