Could This Short Video Revolutionise The Marriage Debate?

Revolutions are started by YouTube videos.

Could this short video revolutionise people’s understanding of what marriage is, and why redefining it is a bad idea?

When Believing in Marriage Is Prejudice


Check out the video for yourself here:


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For a website that makes the case for man-woman marriage for the sake of children, check out 

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4 thoughts on “Could This Short Video Revolutionise The Marriage Debate?

  1. This is an awesome video that sums up most of my own thinking on the SSM issue. It’s a powerful though funny idea: that storks bring babies, I have been wondering why society pragmatically believes this, and have divorced the act of sex from the result of babies.

    • Hi Daniel!

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree: the fact that a man-woman marriage produces babies is key to understanding why marriage should be uniquely valued by society.

      God bless,


  2. The Institute of Marriage Research & Studies ( supports you.