Unlikely Allies: Can Christians Work With Gay Activists?

Should We Join Forces To Advance the Common Good?

Here’s a question: can Christians work with Gay rights activists to help address problems in society?  

Considering our highly polarised culture, it might seem like a stupid question.

And yet, according to Jim Daly, President of the Christian organisation ‘Focus on the Family’, the answer is ‘yes’. In order to combat human sex trafficking in their home state of Colorado, Daly sought the help of Ted Trimpa – who’s also a prominent LGBTI activist.

Photo courtesy Canva.com

Photo courtesy Canva.com

The story of their unlikely partnership – and growing friendship – is captured in the interview below. Could this be an example of how Christians could partner with other groups – even groups we disagree with on key issues – to deal with problems in our world?


Question: Do you think Christians should seek to partner with people who have opposing views, to advance the common good?   (Leave your thoughts in the comments below.) 


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