Could This Be The Best 2 Mins You’ll See On Trump’s Election?

A Sports Presenter Gives His Take On Trump.

I’ve read a number of articles about Donald Trump’s victory. They range from downright apocalyptic, to somewhat hopeful. People are sharply divided!

But whether you think it’s the end of America (and the world), or a bright new chapter in humanity’s history, the following 2 mins from US TV  sports presenter Ernie Johnson is well worth watching:

(Courtesy The Gospel Coalition Blog).


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4 thoughts on “Could This Be The Best 2 Mins You’ll See On Trump’s Election?

  1. I have to say I think the American gentleman’s reference to Jesus as the ‘guy’ he followed. (I think I remember that correctly – forgive me if I don’t) leads me to believe his words reveal his concept of Jesus as is expressed in the following. A questioner asked a priest about ‘the Christ’ and the priest answered:

    “Questioner: Much of Christianity has made Jesus Christ into a denominational saviour figure while others have looked upon his saving grace as limited to a few who meet strict qualifications. But what about creation as a whole? How far back and forward in time does the Christ figure extend, and who exactly is Christ?

    Response: Western Christianity has plucked Jesus completely out of the Trinity. The historical Jesus has become the new monotheistic God — God the Father for all practical purposes. Once you no longer have a Trinitarian view, you no longer have a dynamic view of God. When you emphasize Jesus apart from the Father and Holy Spirit, then creation is just an afterthought or a backdrop to a limited salvation drama, “an evacuation plan to the next world,”… We become preoccupied with those last three hours of Jesus’ life, when we get the blood sacrifice that gets us humans saved, our ticket to heaven punched. Protestants are somewhat worse than we are on this, to be honest.

    The real trump card of Christianity is not just that we believe in God. The mystery we are about is much more than that: It’s that the material and the spiritual coexist. It’s the mystery of the Incarnation.

    The Gospels are about the historical Jesus. Paul, however, whose writings make up a third of the New Testament, never talks about that Jesus. He is talking about the Christ. Jesus is the microcosm; Christ is the macrocosm. There is a movement between the two that we ourselves have to imitate in our life and walk, the resurrection journey…”

    Does this understanding of such Trinitarian concepts have any bearing on the recent presidential election? I believe so, but there needs to be further in-depth discussion for some clarity.

    P.S. I appreciate your willingness to discuss such topics.