Obama’s Remarkable Words About Trump’s Unexpected Victory

The President's Words Help Unite a Divided Nation.

As we saw in this election campaign, words can divide. They can split. They can fracture.

But they can also unite.

And such are the words of the current President, as he reflects on Trump’s unexpected victory.  It’s well worth the short 3 min listen:

The Words Needed To Be Said

Christian social commentator Albert Mohler made the following remarks about Obama’s words:

This is something that should not go without our observation and our appreciation. We’re looking at the fact that ever since the ratification of the United States Constitution, there has been a peaceful transfer of power from president to president, including when there is a transfer of power between presidents of two opposing parties. This is something that has not been the case successfully in many other nations where democracy has been far more fragile. 

He continues:

It’s important that we all recognize that those statements desperately needed to be made, and they needed to be made in public, not only before the American people, but also before the watching world. This is a demonstration to all, nationally and internationally, of the strength of American democracy.

We can thank God that in the most powerful country in human history, the transfer of power is happening peacefully.

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