How Should Christians Engage the SSM Debate? Part 1 – Political Theology 101.

So we’ve got a voluntary ‘Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey’ (commonly known as a plebiscite) coming up in September. The future definition of marriage is likely to be decided in the next few months. And while most Christians I know are happy to vote in the Postal Survey (plebiscite), questions are being asked about how […]

Should Christians Care About Religious Freedom?

Religious Freedom has been a hot topic recently – both in the news and on social media. Even secular commentators are discussing it. But is it something Christians should be concerned about? Should we care about religious freedom? Thoughtful Christians give a variety of answers to this question: some are more concerned about it than others. And […]

Does Christianity Cause Domestic Violence?

Does Christianity – in particular, Evangelical Christianity –  cause Domestic Violence? That seems to be the underlying question being asked in a disturbing article by the ABC, and the corresponding story on the ‘7.30 Report‘. Reporters Julia Baird and Hayley Gleeson write: Research shows that the men most likely to abuse their wives are evangelical […]

Christian Discussion And Feminism: The Words We Use Matter

Let’s face it: Christianity is weird. We believe a dead man rose to life again (after being crucified as a common criminal). We believe that marriage is the union of one man, and one woman. But where Christianity gets really controversial – even amongst Christians – is on the different roles of men and women […]

What Every Christian Should Know About Netflix

(This is a guest post from my wife Sarah Balogh.)  Netflix is a giant in the world of entertainment. They’re the world’ s largest internet television network, with 100 million members in over 190 countries. And I’m one of those members. Lately, however, I’ve been rethinking my membership. No, it’s not because of the recent controversy […]

Why Australian Culture Is Fracturing At A Staggering Rate

The Underlying Worldview That's Changing Australia.

Australian society is fracturing. We’re now in an age with two competing moral views. Secular-progressive morality is pitted against traditional western morality, as represented (in large part) by the Judeo-Christian worldview. The Australian newspaper’s editor Paul Kelly writes: For much of its history, Australia, along with other Western nations, was a society that agreed on […]

The Unexpected Lesson From My Flooded Lismore House

It all began last Thursday. The rain was bucketing down here in Lismore, thanks to the remnants of Cyclone Debbie. I was catching up with a friend at my house, when my wife Sarah comes running down the hall: ‘Akos, you better come see this – there’s water downstairs!’ I go down. And yep, there’s water. Not much […]

I Want To Serve You Better

I'm requesting feedback from my regular readers.

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Should The Government Ban Islam?

A Conservative Southern Baptist Responds.

Should the government ban the building of Islamic Mosques? Should it severely restrict the freedom of Muslims to gather together peacefully? In light of the many terrorist attacks carried out in the name of Islam, some people would want the government to restrict Muslim freedoms. But how should we think about this question as Christians? What […]