Unlikely Allies: Can Christians Work With Gay Activists?

Should We Join Forces To Advance the Common Good?

Here’s a question: can Christians work with Gay rights activists to help address problems in society?   Considering our highly polarised culture, it might seem like a stupid question. And yet, according to Jim Daly, President of the Christian organisation ‘Focus on the Family’, the answer is ‘yes’. In order to combat human sex trafficking in their […]

How To Respond To The Ugly Side Of Sexual Politics

The heat in the Same-Sex Marriage debate just got turned up a notch. Last week, a major conference of traditional marriage advocates that was to be held at a Sydney hotel  had to be cancelled, due to threats of physical violence from SSM supporters. The Weekend Australian broke the news: The Accor Hotels group confirmed […]

Does God Believe In Aliens?

The Bible on Extra-Terrestrial Life.

Our secular world is fascinated by aliens. The Guardian news website – not exactly a hub for right-wing conspiracy theorists – posted an article recently that was shared over 9,000 times on FB. It said the following: A Russian radio telescope scanning the skies has observed “a strong signal” from a nearby star, HD164595, in the […]

Why The Modern World Makes Belief In God So Difficult

Appreciating The Social Dimension of Belief.

Are you a modern western Christian, who occasionally finds yourself doubting God’s existence? If you do doubt, then you’re normal. It’s normal to doubt God’s existence in this modern world of ours. And there’s a surprising reason why. It’s not because of science. (If anything, modern science shows that God’s existence is more probable than not.) And […]

The Most Shocking Statistic I’ve Learned About Terrorists

Why Do People Become Terrorists?

Why do people become terrorists? It’s an urgent question. From Nice to Pakistan, from London to Baghdad, terrorists are murdering victim after victim. And we never know where – or who – the next target will be. And so, we grasp for answers. We want to know why people would massacre their fellow human beings, in the hope […]

Have You Seen The Bizarre French Response To Islamic Terrorism?

The Worldview That Revolutionised How Westerners Respond To Enemies.

Something bizarre is happening in France – and I don’t mean the terrorist attacks. France is responding to the attacks in an unexpected way. Instead of vengeance and demonising all Muslims, there’s a surprising response – a response you wouldn’t expect after 3 major terrorist attacks in 18 months. 1) Instead of Outrage and Vengeance Against […]

3 Stunning Truths About Christianity and The (Secular) West

The Secular West Has a Christian Foundation.

Islam is in the news a lot these days. Sadly, much of the coverage is negative. Self-identified Islamic militants are causing havoc across the world, from Paris to Baghdad, from Pakistan to Orlando. Now obviously not all Muslims are militants – most just want to live in peace. But some secular commentators see the problem […]

When Jesus Does Psychology

An Intersection of Christianity and Modern Psychology

Chances are,  you’re chasing after happiness. If you live in Australia, you might do it in one of four main ways: getting the right postcode; a higher pay packet; a more rewarding position or a sexier partner. But if we’re honest , we know that lasting happiness is hard to find: no sooner does it […]

4 Ways The Secular Juggernaut Smashed The Church

How Secularisation Eroded Christianity in Australia

At Federation in 1901, around 50% of Australian adults went to church. Fast forward to 2011 (the last census) and only 8% of Australian adults go to church. Why the massive drop? Author and social commentator Roy Williams gave his answer at a lecture entitled ‘The Secular Juggernaut’. Not the Usual Suspects Neither science, scandal, nor […]

Interview With A Sexologist

Dr Patricia Weerakoon on Challenges Facing Christians.

Dr. Patricia Weerakoon is a Christian Doctor, academic, and professional Sexologist, working at Sydney University. She is also the author of a number of books, including Teen Sex By the Book, which aims to show teenagers that God’s design for sex is best. I caught up with Dr. Weerakoon to continue my series hearing from […]