Obama’s Remarkable Words About Trump’s Unexpected Victory

The President's Words Help Unite a Divided Nation.

As we saw in this election campaign, words can divide. They can split. They can fracture. But they can also unite. And such are the words of the current President, as he reflects on Trump’s unexpected victory.  It’s well worth the short 3 min listen: The Words Needed To Be Said Christian social commentator Albert Mohler […]

Beaten By The Trump Card

5 Reflections On The Election.

The world is in a state of shock. Donald Trump, billionaire playboy and reality TV star has surprised nearly everyone by  taking the White House. Writing in the Washington Post, Chris Cilizza says: Trump’s victory is the single most stunning political development I have ever witnessed.’ Trump supporters are on top of the moon. And Hillary […]

What Christian Bale Could Teach Us About The “Safe Schools” Program

I saw a Christian Bale movie the other day, called ‘The Big Short’. It’s about the 2007 Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Bale plays genius hedge fund manager Michael Burry,  who – unlike the US government and Wall St –  foresees the financial collapse. Before the crisis, Bale’s character looks ‘under the hood’ of the US Housing […]

Does God Believe In Aliens?

The Bible on Extra-Terrestrial Life.

Our secular world is fascinated by aliens. The Guardian news website – not exactly a hub for right-wing conspiracy theorists – posted an article recently that was shared over 9,000 times on FB. It said the following: A Russian radio telescope scanning the skies has observed “a strong signal” from a nearby star, HD164595, in the […]

The Most Shocking Statistic I’ve Learned About Terrorists

Why Do People Become Terrorists?

Why do people become terrorists? It’s an urgent question. From Nice to Pakistan, from London to Baghdad, terrorists are murdering victim after victim. And we never know where – or who – the next target will be. And so, we grasp for answers. We want to know why people would massacre their fellow human beings, in the hope […]

Change, Or Die Out: 3 Important Minutes With Dr Andrew Cameron.

Key Challenges Facing the Western Church.

The Western world is rapidly changing. And this brings with it many challenges, particularly for Christians. So to get a better handle on these changes, I’ve started interviewing a number of Christian leaders. What follows is an edited version of an interview I did with the Reverend Dr Andrew Cameron, who is the Director of […]

How Free Societies Commit Suicide.

The Internal Threats That Undermine Freedom.

In my first year as a university chaplain I was almost kicked off campus. A gay-rights activist had it in for me, and for the Christian students I worked with. This gentleman didn’t like the fact we held to the Bible’s teachings (including on topics such as sexuality). And the University authorities supported him, meaning I had to […]

An Exorcism During S.H.A.G. Week.

So it’s the Sexual Health And Guidance (‘SHAG’) week on campus at Southern Cross University, Lismore. And there’s no shortage of activity. From workshops on ‘Getting the most out of online hook ups’, to a ‘condom in the jar’ guessing competition. And who can go past having some ‘shagstastic fun with your peers playing chlamydiastic and […]

If You Agree With This LGBT Activist, Then You’re A Homophobic Bigot.

  I’ve had some thought-provoking interactions on social media recently. I recently posted an article entitled ‘Emotional Problems among Children with Same-Sex Parents: Difference by Definition‘, published in the mainstream peer-reviewed secular journal, The British Journal of Education, Society and Behavioral Science. The article found that: ‘Emotional problems were over twice as prevalent  for children with same-sex parents than for children […]

The Surprising Way The Sexual Revolution Harms Women

How Economics Reveals The Unexpected Consequences of Cheap Sex

  All revolutions have unexpected consequences. And the ‘free love’ sexual revolution that began in the 1960’s is no exception. Yes, there are the obvious consequences: STI’s, children born out of wedlock, a ‘pornified culture’ and so on. But there are also unexpected consequences, that we’re only now starting to understand. Consequences that women in […]