Christians In A Hostile West? Interview With A Deputy Prime Minister

Former Deputy PM John Anderson Speaks About Challenges Facing Western Christians - Part 1 of 3.

John Anderson AO served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia from July 1999 to July 2005. John is also a devout Evangelical Christian, and I caught up with him last year to discuss the challenges facing Christians in a post-Christian West.    Akos Balogh (AB): John, what are some of the main challenges facing Western Christians in […]

6 Important Reasons Why Culture Should Matter To Christians – Part 2

Part 2 of 2

(This is part 2 of a two-part series exploring why Christians should care about culture. Click HERE for part 1.) ‘Culture’ is what happens when human beings shape reality. It contains good and bad elements. And it can shape us – powerfully. And so this raises an important question: How should Christians respond to the culture(s) […]

6 Important Reasons Why Culture Should Matter To Christians

Part 1 of 2.

Every year at this time, a sad thing happens. Thousands of supposedly Christian students go off to university and begin the process of forsaking their faith. I’ve seen it all too often. The pull of the university culture – which promises freedom, excitement, and adventure – draws the wide-eyed undergraduate away from the faith of […]

The Articulate Gay Atheist Defending Religious Freedom

Dave Rubin Explains Why He's No Longer "Progressive"

You don’t expect a Gay Atheist to Defend Religious Freedom. But political commentator Dave Rubin does exactly that. In this short video, he explains why he no longer considers himself progressive. And in doing so, he nails the case for religious freedom (from 2.00mins to 3.00mins).   Enjoy. Do You Agree With Dave Rubin’s Assessment? Leave a […]

Religious Freedom In A Secular World

Should Christians care about Religious Freedom? Or should we just let pressure and persecution come our way? In this talk, I address these questions, along with the following: Why our Gay Atheist friends benefit from religious freedom; Why the Bible is supportive of religious freedom; What it looks like to defend religious freedom. Listen below: […]

Is This The Most Important Vitamin Your Child Needs?

Without It, Your Child's Development Might Suffer.

Parents are bombarded with all sorts of advice about how to raise their kids. Including what to feed their kids. However, despite the healthiest of diets, many modern children have a deficiency: A deficiency of “vitamin N” . And yet, it’s a “vitamin” necessary for children to grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults. Have a look at this […]

Could This Be The Best 2 Mins You’ll See On Trump’s Election?

A Sports Presenter Gives His Take On Trump.

I’ve read a number of articles about Donald Trump’s victory. They range from downright apocalyptic, to somewhat hopeful. People are sharply divided! But whether you think it’s the end of America (and the world), or a bright new chapter in humanity’s history, the following 2 mins from US TV  sports presenter Ernie Johnson is well worth watching: (Courtesy The Gospel […]

Obama’s Remarkable Words About Trump’s Unexpected Victory

The President's Words Help Unite a Divided Nation.

As we saw in this election campaign, words can divide. They can split. They can fracture. But they can also unite. And such are the words of the current President, as he reflects on Trump’s unexpected victory.  It’s well worth the short 3 min listen: The Words Needed To Be Said Christian social commentator Albert Mohler […]

Beaten By The Trump Card

5 Reflections On The Election.

The world is in a state of shock. Donald Trump, billionaire playboy and reality TV star has surprised nearly everyone by  taking the White House. Writing in the Washington Post, Chris Cilizza says: Trump’s victory is the single most stunning political development I have ever witnessed.’ Trump supporters are on top of the moon. And Hillary […]

What Christian Bale Could Teach Us About The “Safe Schools” Program

I saw a Christian Bale movie the other day, called ‘The Big Short’. It’s about the 2007 Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Bale plays genius hedge fund manager Michael Burry,  who – unlike the US government and Wall St –  foresees the financial collapse. Before the crisis, Bale’s character looks ‘under the hood’ of the US Housing […]