The Problem With Atheism According To A Secular Psychologist

Modern Atheism has a problem. At least according to a Professor of Psychology at Toronto University, named Jordan Peterson. No, it’s not that Atheists are any more or less prone to psychological distress than religious people. Instead, it’s got to do with the popular view among Atheists (especially among the New Atheists) about the God-like […]

Christian Discussion And Feminism: The Words We Use Matter

Let’s face it: Christianity is weird. We believe a dead man rose to life again (after being crucified as a common criminal). We believe that marriage is the union of one man, and one woman. But where Christianity gets really controversial – even amongst Christians – is on the different roles of men and women […]

The Unexpected Lesson From My Flooded Lismore House

It all began last Thursday. The rain was bucketing down here in Lismore, thanks to the remnants of Cyclone Debbie. I was catching up with a friend at my house, when my wife Sarah comes running down the hall: ‘Akos, you better come see this – there’s water downstairs!’ I go down. And yep, there’s water. Not much […]

The Surprising Way The Sexual Revolution Hurts Women

How The New Economics of Sex and Marriage Disadvantages Women

All revolutions have unexpected consequences. And the ‘free love’ sexual revolution that began in the 1960’s is no exception. Yes, there are the obvious consequences: STI’s, children born out of wedlock, a ‘pornified culture’ and so on. But there are also the unexpected – and surprising – consequences. As it turns out, these unexpected consequences hurt women […]

The Articulate Gay Atheist Defending Religious Freedom

Dave Rubin Explains Why He's No Longer "Progressive"

You don’t expect a Gay Atheist to Defend Religious Freedom. But political commentator Dave Rubin does exactly that. In this short video, he explains why he no longer considers himself progressive. And in doing so, he nails the case for religious freedom (from 2.00mins to 3.00mins).   Enjoy. Do You Agree With Dave Rubin’s Assessment? Leave a […]

Is This The Most Important Vitamin Your Child Needs?

Without It, Your Child's Development Might Suffer.

Parents are bombarded with all sorts of advice about how to raise their kids. Including what to feed their kids. However, despite the healthiest of diets, many modern children have a deficiency: A deficiency of “vitamin N” . And yet, it’s a “vitamin” necessary for children to grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults. Have a look at this […]

What Christian Bale Could Teach Us About The “Safe Schools” Program

I saw a Christian Bale movie the other day, called ‘The Big Short’. It’s about the 2007 Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Bale plays genius hedge fund manager Michael Burry,  who – unlike the US government and Wall St –  foresees the financial collapse. Before the crisis, Bale’s character looks ‘under the hood’ of the US Housing […]

The Most Shocking Statistic I’ve Learned About Terrorists

Why Do People Become Terrorists?

Why do people become terrorists? It’s an urgent question. From Nice to Pakistan, from London to Baghdad, terrorists are murdering victim after victim. And we never know where – or who – the next target will be. And so, we grasp for answers. We want to know why people would massacre their fellow human beings, in the hope […]

How Should We Respond to Sonia Kruger and Waleed Aly ?

Social Media Firestorms, Islam, and #SendingForgivenessViral.

A firestorm erupted on Social Media last week. Sonia Kruger, Channel Nine TV show personality, made provocative comments about Islamic Immigration and  terrorism: There is a correlation between the number of people in a country who are Muslim and the number of terrorist attacks…Personally, I would like to see [Islamic immigration] stop now for Australia. […]

Are We To Blame For Islamist Terrorism?

What The Eastern European Experience Can Teach Us.

It’s happened again. France is reeling after yet another terrorist attack. This time in the port city of Nice.  A single Islamist terrorist, wielding nothing more than a driver’s licence and a small truck, managed to murder just under 90 people and injure many others. And so the urgent question we need to ask – and answer […]