Religious Freedom In A Secular World

Should Christians care about Religious Freedom? Or should we just let pressure and persecution come our way? In this talk, I address these questions, along with the following: Why our Gay Atheist friends benefit from religious freedom; Why the Bible is supportive of religious freedom; What it looks like to defend religious freedom. Listen below: […]

How To Respond To The Ugly Side Of Sexual Politics

The heat in the Same-Sex Marriage debate just got turned up a notch. Last week, a major conference of traditional marriage advocates that was to be held at a Sydney hotel  had to be cancelled, due to threats of physical violence from SSM supporters. The Weekend Australian broke the news: The Accor Hotels group confirmed […]

Is Australia Becoming An Atheist Theocracy?

Why Religion is Being Forced to the Margins of Society.

I spent the first four years of my life in an Atheist Theocracy. Of course, nobody called it that. But that’s what it was. Like any theocracy, there was only one acceptable view of ‘ultimate reality’ –  of life, meaning, the universe.  In that case, it was Atheism. If you practiced any other religion in public, […]

Beware The Dangers Of…Religious Freedom? – Part 2

Should Christians Defend Religious Freedom?

Who would have thought religious freedom would become an election issue? Both the Greens and Labor have questioned aspects of religious freedom. And it’s made some Christians nervous. So what should Christians think? Should we defend religious freedom? In last week’s post, I outlined the view of fellow Christian blogger Nathan Campbell. He didn’t think […]

Beware The Dangers Of…Religious Freedom? – Part 1

Should Christians Defend Religious Freedom?

Confession time: I find Australian history boring. Especially when compared to my homeland (i.e. Hungary’s) history…give me Mongol invasions; epic battles against the Ottoman Turks; and being over-run by the Soviet army – that’s what I call interesting! Not surprisingly, Hungarian history is full of trauma: the rich tapestry of my homeland’s history is coloured red with the […]

When Hollywood Takes Your Pastor To Jail

It's Now Big Business To Corrode Religious Liberty

Seen any good Hollywood movies recently? Sarah and I recently saw 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. It was a good movie: great cinematography,  great action, and pretty close to the actual story. Hollywood got that movie right.  But Hollywood doesn’t get everything right. Far from it. And I’m not just talking movies (Transformers, […]

Dear Charlie Pickering, RE: Your Safe Schools Segment.

An Open Letter to TV Host Charlie Pickering About Safe Schools

Hi Charlie, I love your show, and I appreciate the way you make news and current affairs interesting, not to mention funny. Having worked with Gen Y for the last 6 years, sometimes it felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall trying to get them take an interest in things other than the […]

The Totalitarian Push To Rid Religious People of “Prejudice”

When Churches Aren't Allowed To Believe The Bible's Teaching on Marriage.

It’s a morning I’ll remember for a long time. Jan 20, 2009. The historic inauguration of the first African-American President of the USA, Barack Obama. It was an exciting time for many people. Not least the gay community of America. Unlike George W. Bush, Obama was seen as a very pro-gay: a supporter of gay […]

5 Important Things We Should Consider After The #ParisAttacks

Understanding Islamist Terrorism.

So here we are again. In the space of less than a year, we’ve seen Australia come to a standstill with the Lindt Cafe terror siege. We’ve seen  Paris come to a standstill with the Charlie Hebdo massacre. And now, just a mere 10 months after Charlie Hebdo, the people of Paris have just experienced […]

4 Dangerous Characteristics Of Radicalised Christians

A Clear And Present Threat To Society

Islamic Radicalism is a growing problem. But as many Atheist Facebook commenters have pointed out to me, Christians can also be radicalised. As if on cue, David Cook, the head of the Presbyterian Church,  recently wrote: ‘I am part of the pastoral team of an 800 member Christian Church, [and] we are all being radicalised, […]