How Should We Respond to Sonia Kruger and Waleed Aly ?

Social Media Firestorms, Islam, and #SendingForgivenessViral.

A firestorm erupted on Social Media last week. Sonia Kruger, Channel Nine TV show personality, made provocative comments about Islamic Immigration and  terrorism: There is a correlation between the number of people in a country who are Muslim and the number of terrorist attacks…Personally, I would like to see [Islamic immigration] stop now for Australia. […]

The Post Facebook Didn’t Want You To See

When Author John Dickson Questioned A Sacred Cow

Something very bizarre happened on Facebook recently. On Saturday (April 16), Christian Author John Dickson put up a post questioning the approach of some same-sex marriage advocates to the marriage debate. Facebook didn’t like the post, so that evening, FB took it down. John was given no warning, just the following explanation from FB: We […]

Dear Makers Of “Gayby Baby”,

An Open Letter To The Producer and Director Of The Gayby Baby Documentary, Charlotte Mars and Maya Newell.

Dear Charlotte and Maya, My wife and I had the pleasure of viewing your documentary ‘Gayby Baby’at the Lismore Starcourt theatre on Friday night, followed by the live Q and A session with you both. It’s obviously been a big journey for you, and the families in the film, not least with everything that has happened in […]

The Things You Need To Know About Your Inner Nazi.

Dear Elizabeth, Thankyou for your recent article that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald last week, entitled We all have our inner fascist: why it’s important to have the right to offend. It was a very thought-provoking read, and one which I was half tempted to frame and put on my wall: at least while reading the […]

Did You See This Coming? I Sure Didn’t.

Something happened recently that I did not see coming. In an earlier blog post, I wrote about the recent terror attack in France, and made the following comment: “[T]here are very few (if any) Muslims that would advocate for the freedom to publicly insult Muhammad. Or to put in Voltairian language, no devout Muslim would ever say: ‘I disagree with your insulting of […]