Dear Makers Of “Gayby Baby”,

An Open Letter To The Producer and Director Of The Gayby Baby Documentary, Charlotte Mars and Maya Newell.

Dear Charlotte and Maya, My wife and I had the pleasure of viewing your documentary ‘Gayby Baby’at the Lismore Starcourt theatre on Friday night, followed by the live Q and A session with you both. It’s obviously been a big journey for you, and the families in the film, not least with everything that has happened in […]

The Top 3 Ways to Have Better Sex than Greys.

[Note: This is a guest post from Sarah Balogh, who is also my wife, a mummy, a Christian, and a Psychologist]. So I started writing this post for Akos’ Blog. And the title was as per above, but as I was writing, and even after I semi- finished, I just wasn’t at ease. There was something niggling. Somehow, the post wasn’t […]

Bradley Cooper’s New War Movie.

Hollywood has been making a few war movies recently. The most recent one being Fury, a WW2 tank movie starring Brad Pitt (who would have thought?). Well, a new war movie is coming out, based in the modern day, starring Hollywood superstar Bradly Cooper. And directed by Clint Eastwood. It’s called ‘American Sniper’. It’s based on […]