A Christian’s Brief Guide To The Trump “Apocalypse”

4 Lessons For Aussie Christians.

The Donald is in the White House, and the world nervously holds its breath. What will he be like as President of the most powerful nation on earth? Will he start a trade war with China? Will his tweets go nuclear? Or will he surprise us all, and settle down to become a responsible President? […]

6 Things That Should Have Been Discussed In This Election (But Weren’t).

Imagine having to listen to Donald Trump’s electioneering for 18 months. If you’re in America, that’s how long his election campaign for President will be, come the November election (it’s ‘Yuuuuge!’). Thankfully Australian election campaigns are much shorter. (It’ll be nice having my FB feed and letterbox back to normal!) But throughout the recent election campaigns, […]

5 Important Things We Should Consider After The #ParisAttacks

Understanding Islamist Terrorism.

So here we are again. In the space of less than a year, we’ve seen Australia come to a standstill with the Lindt Cafe terror siege. We’ve seen  Paris come to a standstill with the Charlie Hebdo massacre. And now, just a mere 10 months after Charlie Hebdo, the people of Paris have just experienced […]

From One Refugee To Another: What Should We Do About The Current Refugee Crisis?

Why Good Intentions Can Kill

I became a refugee when I was 4 years old.  I was living in communist Hungary at the time, and my parents decided we had to leave. They wanted a better life for my two brothers and I than what they had experienced: they wanted us to grow up in a free country, not a […]

Dear Makers Of “Gayby Baby”,

An Open Letter To The Producer and Director Of The Gayby Baby Documentary, Charlotte Mars and Maya Newell.

Dear Charlotte and Maya, My wife and I had the pleasure of viewing your documentary ‘Gayby Baby’at the Lismore Starcourt theatre on Friday night, followed by the live Q and A session with you both. It’s obviously been a big journey for you, and the families in the film, not least with everything that has happened in […]

2 Things You Can Do In Response To The SRE Book Ban.

Christians Might Be Concerned. But We Are Not Without A Voice. In my previous post ‘Let’s Just Ban The Bible’ I discussed the book banning directive that was put out recently by the NSW Government, to all public schools who host Special Religious Education. In this post, we’ll be thinking about how Christians should respond to […]

Let’s Just Ban The Bible.

Don’t Like Christian Books In Schools? Then Ban The Bible.  It seems ‘book burning’ is back in fashion. At least with the NSW Department of Education. After a complaint was raised publicly in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday by a secular lobby group ‘Fairness In Religion In Schools (FIRIS)‘, a directive was sent from the NSW Government to […]

Some Brief Thoughts on ‘Divergent’.

I just saw the science fiction movie ‘Divergent’, based on the best selling novel(s). Divergent is set in a post war, post apocalyptic America, where a major war has decimated the world, and the survivors have banded together to form a new society. This new society is broken up into different ‘factions’, consisting of groups of […]