How Should Christians Engage the SSM Debate? Part 1 – Political Theology 101.

So we’ve got a voluntary ‘Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey’ (commonly known as a plebiscite) coming up in September. The future definition of marriage is likely to be decided in the next few months. And while most Christians I know are happy to vote in the Postal Survey (plebiscite), questions are being asked about how […]

Religious Freedom In A Secular World

Should Christians care about Religious Freedom? Or should we just let pressure and persecution come our way? In this talk, I address these questions, along with the following: Why our Gay Atheist friends benefit from religious freedom; Why the Bible is supportive of religious freedom; What it looks like to defend religious freedom. Listen below: […]

A Christian’s Brief Guide To The Trump “Apocalypse”

4 Lessons For Aussie Christians.

The Donald is in the White House, and the world nervously holds its breath. What will he be like as President of the most powerful nation on earth? Will he start a trade war with China? Will his tweets go nuclear? Or will he surprise us all, and settle down to become a responsible President? […]

Dear GetUp! RE: Your Anti-Plebiscite Video

Dear GetUp! I recently watched your ‘Anti-Plebiscite’ video, in which you condemn the Plebiscite as a bad idea. It’s clear that you’re against the Plebiscite, for a variety of reasons. You’re adamant that same-sex marriage is an important human rights issue. And you believe Parliament, not a ‘people’s vote’, should redefine marriage. That all comes […]

Is Australia Becoming An Atheist Theocracy?

Why Religion is Being Forced to the Margins of Society.

I spent the first four years of my life in an Atheist Theocracy. Of course, nobody called it that. But that’s what it was. Like any theocracy, there was only one acceptable view of ‘ultimate reality’ –  of life, meaning, the universe.  In that case, it was Atheism. If you practiced any other religion in public, […]

Could This Short Video Revolutionise The Marriage Debate?

Revolutions are started by YouTube videos. Could this short video revolutionise people’s understanding of what marriage is, and why redefining it is a bad idea?   Check out the video for yourself here:   Further reading: For a website that makes the case for man-woman marriage for the sake of children, check out 

6 Things That Should Have Been Discussed In This Election (But Weren’t).

Imagine having to listen to Donald Trump’s electioneering for 18 months. If you’re in America, that’s how long his election campaign for President will be, come the November election (it’s ‘Yuuuuge!’). Thankfully Australian election campaigns are much shorter. (It’ll be nice having my FB feed and letterbox back to normal!) But throughout the recent election campaigns, […]

Beware The Dangers Of…Religious Freedom? – Part 1

Should Christians Defend Religious Freedom?

Confession time: I find Australian history boring. Especially when compared to my homeland (i.e. Hungary’s) history…give me Mongol invasions; epic battles against the Ottoman Turks; and being over-run by the Soviet army – that’s what I call interesting! Not surprisingly, Hungarian history is full of trauma: the rich tapestry of my homeland’s history is coloured red with the […]

Dodging the “Exile” Bullet At Sydney Uni – For Now

A Basic Freedom is Upheld: But For How Long?

Common sense won the day at Sydney University this week. After earlier threatening to exile (i.e. de-register) religious clubs who required their leaders and members to be, well, religious, the Sydney University Student-Union came to see reason:  ‘After long and thoughtful consultation with our religious communities on campus, the University of Sydney Union Board of Directors […]

The Post Facebook Didn’t Want You To See

When Author John Dickson Questioned A Sacred Cow

Something very bizarre happened on Facebook recently. On Saturday (April 16), Christian Author John Dickson put up a post questioning the approach of some same-sex marriage advocates to the marriage debate. Facebook didn’t like the post, so that evening, FB took it down. John was given no warning, just the following explanation from FB: We […]