No Love From Charlie

Charlie Pickering Didn't Respond...But Many Others Did

Dear Charlie, I realise you’re a busy man. And so I didn’t expect you to respond to the letter I wrote you, about your Safe Schools TV segment. However, I did get responses from many other people. And one common response warrants further exploration. I made the allegation that Safe Schools Coalition wasn’t merely an […]

How To Destroy Your Church…Effortlessly.

Why Assuming The Gospel Is Deadly For The Church.

If you’re a Christian leader, there are many ways to destroy your church. Some of the more popular methods include: Committing adultery. Starting a controversy that divides your church. Or stealing from the general giving. They’re all successful ways of ruining your ministry. However, all of these activities take effort on your part. But what […]

5 Important Things We Should Consider After The #ParisAttacks

Understanding Islamist Terrorism.

So here we are again. In the space of less than a year, we’ve seen Australia come to a standstill with the Lindt Cafe terror siege. We’ve seen  Paris come to a standstill with the Charlie Hebdo massacre. And now, just a mere 10 months after Charlie Hebdo, the people of Paris have just experienced […]

Do We Love Gay People?

If you want to stir up controversy in any group of educated secular westerners, whether online or off, just mention that you oppose same-sex marriage. Chances are that you’ll get a variety of responses, from a dumbfounded ‘you can’t be serious‘, to a more pointed ‘you homophobic bigot’. Next, tell them that you believe sex is […]

How to Lose Faith In Atheism with 10 Quintillion Coin Tosses.

The late astronomer Fred Hoyle (who coined the term “Big Bang”) said his atheism was “greatly shaken” by these developments. The late Christopher Hitchens, one of atheism’s strongest proponents, conceded that this argument was “the most powerful argument of the other side”. What were they talking about? Take a look at this short 5 minute video […]

Cults, Creeps, and Connections: Reflections of SCU O-Week 2015.

It’s been an eventful Orientation Week at Southern Cross University (SCU). In fact, it’s one of the most memorable I’ve had since being here. ‘O-week’ went from the Wednesday to the Friday, and involved many new students coming onto campus. It’s a key time of the year for our Christian Group ‘Evangelical Christians’, as we connect with new students, […]

The Things You Need To Know About Your Inner Nazi.

Dear Elizabeth, Thankyou for your recent article that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald last week, entitled We all have our inner fascist: why it’s important to have the right to offend. It was a very thought-provoking read, and one which I was half tempted to frame and put on my wall: at least while reading the […]

Is Your Church Toxic?

If you’ve lived for any longer than 5 minutes in this world, you will have realised that many  institutions and relationships  that are meant to be places of safety and refuge, can instead be places of abuse. Whether it be marriages, families, playgrounds, workplaces, or churches: sometimes abuse can creep in, and wreak havoc. Simone Richardson, […]

When Your Words Can Kill You.

 “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” – President Barack Obama, speaking at the UN General Assembly in 2012.  So it’s happened again. Another terrorist attack on Western soil. This time in France. According to intelligence site, the following took place on Wednesday: Three suspected Islamist militants attacked the […]

What People Don’t Get.

Islam, Religion, and How The West Doesn’t Get It. I would be a rich man if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say: ‘all religions are basically the same’. The idea behind this view is that Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism etc all fall into this box called ‘Religion’, and thus are all on about the same […]