The Problem With Atheism According To A Secular Psychologist

Modern Atheism has a problem. At least according to a Professor of Psychology at Toronto University, named Jordan Peterson. No, it’s not that Atheists are any more or less prone to psychological distress than religious people. Instead, it’s got to do with the popular view among Atheists (especially among the New Atheists) about the God-like […]

Christian Discussion And Feminism: The Words We Use Matter

Let’s face it: Christianity is weird. We believe a dead man rose to life again (after being crucified as a common criminal). We believe that marriage is the union of one man, and one woman. But where Christianity gets really controversial – even amongst Christians – is on the different roles of men and women […]

What Every Christian Should Know About Netflix

(This is a guest post from my wife Sarah Balogh.)  Netflix is a giant in the world of entertainment. They’re the world’ s largest internet television network, with 100 million members in over 190 countries. And I’m one of those members. Lately, however, I’ve been rethinking my membership. No, it’s not because of the recent controversy […]

Why Australian Culture Is Fracturing At A Staggering Rate

The Underlying Worldview That's Changing Australia.

Australian society is fracturing. We’re now in an age with two competing moral views. Secular-progressive morality is pitted against traditional western morality, as represented (in large part) by the Judeo-Christian worldview. The Australian newspaper’s editor Paul Kelly writes: For much of its history, Australia, along with other Western nations, was a society that agreed on […]

The Unexpected Lesson From My Flooded Lismore House

It all began last Thursday. The rain was bucketing down here in Lismore, thanks to the remnants of Cyclone Debbie. I was catching up with a friend at my house, when my wife Sarah comes running down the hall: ‘Akos, you better come see this – there’s water downstairs!’ I go down. And yep, there’s water. Not much […]

I Want To Serve You Better

I'm requesting feedback from my regular readers.

I want to serve you better.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog, I would love your feedback. Could you take 2mins to fill out a short survey, to see how I can serve you better through my blog?  CLICK HERE to take the survey. (It’s anonymous. And I will publish the overall results.)  

Should The Government Ban Islam?

A Conservative Southern Baptist Responds.

Should the government ban the building of Islamic Mosques? Should it severely restrict the freedom of Muslims to gather together peacefully? In light of the many terrorist attacks carried out in the name of Islam, some people would want the government to restrict Muslim freedoms. But how should we think about this question as Christians? What […]

Christians In A Hostile West? Interview With a Deputy Prime Minister – Part 3.

Former Australian Deputy PM John Anderson Speaks About Challenges Facing Western Christians - Part 3 of 3.

This is part 3 of a 3 part interview I did with John Anderson, a former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.  John is also a devout Evangelical Christian, and I caught up with him last year to discuss the challenges facing Christians in a post-Christian West. (You can read part 1 here, and part 2 here). Christians Must […]

The Surprising Way The Sexual Revolution Hurts Women

How The New Economics of Sex and Marriage Disadvantages Women

All revolutions have unexpected consequences. And the ‘free love’ sexual revolution that began in the 1960’s is no exception. Yes, there are the obvious consequences: STI’s, children born out of wedlock, a ‘pornified culture’ and so on. But there are also the unexpected – and surprising – consequences. As it turns out, these unexpected consequences hurt women […]