The Problem With Atheism According To A Secular Psychologist

Modern Atheism has a problem. At least according to a Professor of Psychology at Toronto University, named Jordan Peterson. No, it’s not that Atheists are any more or less prone to psychological distress than religious people. Instead, it’s got to do with the popular view among Atheists (especially among the New Atheists) about the God-like […]

The Unexpected Truth That Shocked Atheist Students

The surprising link between Christianity and Western morality.

A secular university isn’t a place you’ll hear unexpected truths about Christianity. Sure, you’ll hear about the evil things that Christians have done throughout history. But such a roll-call of evil acts is not news – let alone a shock – to many Atheist students, who often consume a steady diet of Dawkins, Hitchens, and Harris. […]

When Rape Is Not Wrong.

Rape is not wrong. That’s what a male student told me on campus just the other day. Sure, he believed it was wrong, but he didn’t think it was absolutely wrong. Why not? Because according to him, moral ‘absolutes’, or universal, binding moral ‘laws’ that stand over and above us, don’t exist: which means that everyone gets to […]

How to Lose Faith In Atheism with 10 Quintillion Coin Tosses.

The late astronomer Fred Hoyle (who coined the term “Big Bang”) said his atheism was “greatly shaken” by these developments. The late Christopher Hitchens, one of atheism’s strongest proponents, conceded that this argument was “the most powerful argument of the other side”. What were they talking about? Take a look at this short 5 minute video […]

The Most Important Thing This French Atheist Taught Me About Christianity.

I’ve been reading a very interesting book of late. It’s called ‘A Brief History of Thought’, by renowned French Philosopher, Luc Ferry. It was a national bestseller in France for over 8 months. Now Ferry is an Atheist, and a very interesting one at that. He doesn’t hold to the fairly typical Atheist view of Christianity, which you hear […]