How To Destroy Your Church…Effortlessly.

Why Assuming The Gospel Is Deadly For The Church.

If you’re a Christian leader, there are many ways to destroy your church. Some of the more popular methods include: Committing adultery. Starting a controversy that divides your church. Or stealing from the general giving. They’re all successful ways of ruining your ministry. However, all of these activities take effort on your part. But what […]

The Coming Darkness: An Interview With Archbishop Glenn Davies

The Western world is rapidly changing. And with this change comes many challenges, particularly for Christians. So to get a better understanding of these upcoming challenges, I interviewed a few key Christian leaders. What follows is an edited version of an interview I did with Archbishop Glenn Davies, from the Sydney Diocese of the Anglican Church.   […]

4 Dangerous Characteristics Of Radicalised Christians

A Clear And Present Threat To Society

Islamic Radicalism is a growing problem. But as many Atheist Facebook commenters have pointed out to me, Christians can also be radicalised. As if on cue, David Cook, the head of the Presbyterian Church,  recently wrote: ‘I am part of the pastoral team of an 800 member Christian Church, [and] we are all being radicalised, […]

What People Don’t Get.

Islam, Religion, and How The West Doesn’t Get It. I would be a rich man if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say: ‘all religions are basically the same’. The idea behind this view is that Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism etc all fall into this box called ‘Religion’, and thus are all on about the same […]