Christians In A Hostile West? Interview With A Deputy Prime Minister

Former Deputy PM John Anderson Speaks About Challenges Facing Western Christians - Part 1 of 3.

John Anderson AO served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia from July 1999 to July 2005. John is also a devout Evangelical Christian, and I caught up with him last year to discuss the challenges facing Christians in a post-Christian West.    Akos Balogh (AB): John, what are some of the main challenges facing Western Christians in […]

How Should We Respond to Sonia Kruger and Waleed Aly ?

Social Media Firestorms, Islam, and #SendingForgivenessViral.

A firestorm erupted on Social Media last week. Sonia Kruger, Channel Nine TV show personality, made provocative comments about Islamic Immigration and  terrorism: There is a correlation between the number of people in a country who are Muslim and the number of terrorist attacks…Personally, I would like to see [Islamic immigration] stop now for Australia. […]

Let’s End Freedom Of Speech

4 Reasons To Get Rid Of This Troublesome Freedom

It’s become obvious to me and many other observers that a growing number of people on the secular Left are giving up on freedom of speech – not their own freedom, but their opponents’ freedom. Left-leaning USA today reporter Kirsten Powers is a very strong voice for freedom of speech, calling out many among the […]

How Free Societies Commit Suicide.

The Internal Threats That Undermine Freedom.

In my first year as a university chaplain I was almost kicked off campus. A gay-rights activist had it in for me, and for the Christian students I worked with. This gentleman didn’t like the fact we held to the Bible’s teachings (including on topics such as sexuality). And the University authorities supported him, meaning I had to […]

Did You See This Coming? I Sure Didn’t.

Something happened recently that I did not see coming. In an earlier blog post, I wrote about the recent terror attack in France, and made the following comment: “[T]here are very few (if any) Muslims that would advocate for the freedom to publicly insult Muhammad. Or to put in Voltairian language, no devout Muslim would ever say: ‘I disagree with your insulting of […]