Do We Cause Islamist Terrorism?

What The Eastern European Experience Teaches Us About Terrorism.

Let me start with a public confession. It’s a little embarrassing. But here goes: When I was 10 years old, I wanted to start a revolution against the dictatorship ruling my homeland. There. I’ve said it. I wanted to start a revolution against the government of communist Hungary (as it was at the time). As […]

4 Dangerous Characteristics Of Radicalised Christians

A Clear And Present Threat To Society

Islamic Radicalism is a growing problem. But as many Atheist Facebook commenters have pointed out to me, Christians can also be radicalised. As if on cue, David Cook, the head of the Presbyterian Church,  recently wrote: ‘I am part of the pastoral team of an 800 member Christian Church, [and] we are all being radicalised, […]