Unlikely Allies: Can Christians Work With Gay Activists?

Should We Join Forces To Advance the Common Good?

Here’s a question: can Christians work with Gay rights activists to help address problems in society?   Considering our highly polarised culture, it might seem like a stupid question. And yet, according to Jim Daly, President of the Christian organisation ‘Focus on the Family’, the answer is ‘yes’. In order to combat human sex trafficking in their […]

Dear Safe Schools Coalition: I Have Questions

An Open Letter To The Australian Safe Schools Coalition.

Dear Safe Schools Coalition, I understand it’s been a big week for you, with so much media exposure. No doubt you’re feeling under the spotlight. And yet, you’re determined to continue your work, which you describe as: [M] aking a difference in the lives of thousands of young people across Australia by saying no to […]

Do We Love Gay People?

If you want to stir up controversy in any group of educated secular westerners, whether online or off, just mention that you oppose same-sex marriage. Chances are that you’ll get a variety of responses, from a dumbfounded ‘you can’t be serious‘, to a more pointed ‘you homophobic bigot’. Next, tell them that you believe sex is […]

A Gay son’s journey.

There are some stories that need to be told. Christopher Yuan’s is one of them. It is profound. It is important. It is well worth the 21mins of your time.   (Taken from the American Southern Baptist Convention Ethics and Liberty Commission’s 2014 conference).

Why I was wrong about Gay Marriage: Reflections on the New Sexual Ethic. – Part 2.

This is a multi-part series on my reflections on the New Sexual Ethic. In my previous post, I discussed the seismic shift in sexual practice and acceptance that has taken place in western society over the last 20 years. What can account for such a massive change, at such blinding speed (historically speaking)? There are […]