How To Survive The Moral Revolution: What You Should Know

Australia is changing. From same sex marriage, to euthanasia; from gender fluidity to eroding religious freedoms:  we’re experiencing seismic shifts in public morality and worldview. The Australia of today is not the same as the Australia of even five years ago. This raises a variety of challenges for Christians and churches. Challenges that we must face […]

“SSM Is Not The Final Frontier Against Homophobia”

LGBTI Advocate Benjamin Law Gives His Vision For Society

How might society change if SSM were legalised? Well, we’ve caught a glimpse over the last few weeks. A public petition (since pulled down) was signed by 5000 people calling for the deregistration of Sydney doctor Pansy Lai, who publicly opposes SSM. Violent protests disrupted a peaceful ‘No’ campaign at Sydney university. And a teenage […]

Engaging the SSM Debate – Part 2 – When Christians Should Say ‘Yes’

Christians should be known as people who say ‘yes’. Yes to human rights. Yes to love. Yes to freedom. And yes, to marriage. And that’s what we’re being asked to do when it comes to this postal vote. A gay acquaintance wrote to me publicly, saying: I would ask you and your readership to understand that […]

How Should Christians Engage the SSM Debate? Part 1 – Political Theology 101.

So we’ve got a voluntary ‘Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey’ (commonly known as a plebiscite) coming up in September. The future definition of marriage is likely to be decided in the next few months. And while most Christians I know are happy to vote in the Postal Survey (plebiscite), questions are being asked about how […]

Could This Short Video Revolutionise The Marriage Debate?

Revolutions are started by YouTube videos. Could this short video revolutionise people’s understanding of what marriage is, and why redefining it is a bad idea?   Check out the video for yourself here:   Further reading: For a website that makes the case for man-woman marriage for the sake of children, check out 

The Coming Darkness: An Interview With Archbishop Glenn Davies

The Western world is rapidly changing. And with this change comes many challenges, particularly for Christians. So to get a better understanding of these upcoming challenges, I interviewed a few key Christian leaders. What follows is an edited version of an interview I did with Archbishop Glenn Davies, from the Sydney Diocese of the Anglican Church.   […]

Redefining Sexual Reality: 3 Things You Should Know About The Push For Same-Sex Marriage

Welcome to the revolution. The moral revolution. Where  same-sex marriage has gone from unthinkable to mainstream. As Albert Mohler writes: We are now witnesses to a revolution that is sweeping away a sexual morality and a definition of marriage that has existed for thousands of years.’ And all in the blink of an (historical) eye. […]

Dear Makers Of “Gayby Baby”,

An Open Letter To The Producer and Director Of The Gayby Baby Documentary, Charlotte Mars and Maya Newell.

Dear Charlotte and Maya, My wife and I had the pleasure of viewing your documentary ‘Gayby Baby’at the Lismore Starcourt theatre on Friday night, followed by the live Q and A session with you both. It’s obviously been a big journey for you, and the families in the film, not least with everything that has happened in […]

Are You Over The Same Sex Marriage Debate? Here’s Why You Should Still Care.

I get it. You’re sick of seeing articles about Same-Sex Marriage (whether for or against) as you scroll through your Facebook feed. You’re over it already. I know. My wife Sarah was telling me recently how she and many of her Christian friends are just sick of seeing SSM related articles on Facebook. A fatigue […]