The Coming Darkness: An Interview With Archbishop Glenn Davies

The Western world is rapidly changing. And with this change comes many challenges, particularly for Christians. So to get a better understanding of these upcoming challenges, I interviewed a few key Christian leaders. What follows is an edited version of an interview I did with Archbishop Glenn Davies, from the Sydney Diocese of the Anglican Church.   […]

Redefining Sexual Reality: 3 Things You Should Know About The Push For Same-Sex Marriage

Welcome to the revolution. The moral revolution. Where  same-sex marriage has gone from unthinkable to mainstream. As Albert Mohler writes: We are now witnesses to a revolution that is sweeping away a sexual morality and a definition of marriage that has existed for thousands of years.’ And all in the blink of an (historical) eye. […]

Dear Makers Of “Gayby Baby”,

An Open Letter To The Producer and Director Of The Gayby Baby Documentary, Charlotte Mars and Maya Newell.

Dear Charlotte and Maya, My wife and I had the pleasure of viewing your documentary ‘Gayby Baby’at the Lismore Starcourt theatre on Friday night, followed by the live Q and A session with you both. It’s obviously been a big journey for you, and the families in the film, not least with everything that has happened in […]

Are You Over The Same Sex Marriage Debate? Here’s Why You Should Still Care.

I get it. You’re sick of seeing articles about Same-Sex Marriage (whether for or against) as you scroll through your Facebook feed. You’re over it already. I know. My wife Sarah was telling me recently how she and many of her Christian friends are just sick of seeing SSM related articles on Facebook. A fatigue […]

When Tony Jones Asked The “Bigot” About SSM.

The Daughter Of Loving Gay Parents Argues Against SSM.

Katy Faust is an American traditional marriage advocate. She runs a blog advocating for traditional marriage, called (hence the title of this blogpost). However, she is anything but a bigot: she was raised by her Lesbian mother and her partner, and loves both of them dearly.  Oh, and she was interviewed this week on Australian […]

If You Agree With This LGBT Activist, Then You’re A Homophobic Bigot.

  I’ve had some thought-provoking interactions on social media recently. I recently posted an article entitled ‘Emotional Problems among Children with Same-Sex Parents: Difference by Definition‘, published in the mainstream peer-reviewed secular journal, The British Journal of Education, Society and Behavioral Science. The article found that: ‘Emotional problems were over twice as prevalent  for children with same-sex parents than for children […]