Interview With a Same-Sex Attracted “Unicorn” – Part 2

Hearing From Someone Who Shouldn't Exist.

This is part 2 of an interview with someone who shouldn’t exist: a “unicorn”, as far as secular culture is concerned.  You see, “Jenna” is same-sex attracted, but has decided not to act on her attraction, nor define herself by it.  You can read Part 1 here.  Akos: You’ve told a number of people now about […]

Interview With A Same-Sex Attracted “Unicorn” – Part 1

Hearing From Someone Who Shouldn't Exist.

We all know what a unicorn is. It’s an animal that doesn’t exist: it’s a myth, a fairytale. Well, the person you’re about to hear from is a modern day “unicorn”,  at least as far as modern secular culture goes. They’re not meant to exist.  You see, they’re same-sex attracted, but they’ve decided not to act […]

No Love From Charlie

Charlie Pickering Didn't Respond...But Many Others Did

Dear Charlie, I realise you’re a busy man. And so I didn’t expect you to respond to the letter I wrote you, about your Safe Schools TV segment. However, I did get responses from many other people. And one common response warrants further exploration. I made the allegation that Safe Schools Coalition wasn’t merely an […]

Interview With A Sexologist

Dr Patricia Weerakoon on Challenges Facing Christians.

Dr. Patricia Weerakoon is a Christian Doctor, academic, and professional Sexologist, working at Sydney University. She is also the author of a number of books, including Teen Sex By the Book, which aims to show teenagers that God’s design for sex is best. I caught up with Dr. Weerakoon to continue my series hearing from […]