The Surprising Way The Sexual Revolution Hurts Women

How The New Economics of Sex and Marriage Disadvantages Women

All revolutions have unexpected consequences. And the ‘free love’ sexual revolution that began in the 1960’s is no exception. Yes, there are the obvious consequences: STI’s, children born out of wedlock, a ‘pornified culture’ and so on. But there are also the unexpected – and surprising – consequences. As it turns out, these unexpected consequences hurt women […]

Redefining Sexual Reality: 3 Things You Should Know About The Push For Same-Sex Marriage

Welcome to the revolution. The moral revolution. Where  same-sex marriage has gone from unthinkable to mainstream. As Albert Mohler writes: We are now witnesses to a revolution that is sweeping away a sexual morality and a definition of marriage that has existed for thousands of years.’ And all in the blink of an (historical) eye. […]