Interview With A Same-Sex Attracted “Unicorn” – Part 1

Hearing From Someone Who Shouldn't Exist.

We all know what a unicorn is. It’s an animal that doesn’t exist: it’s a myth, a fairytale. Well, the person you’re about to hear from is a modern day “unicorn”,  at least as far as modern secular culture goes. They’re not meant to exist.  You see, they’re same-sex attracted, but they’ve decided not to act […]

Redefining Sexual Reality: 3 Things You Should Know About The Push For Same-Sex Marriage

Welcome to the revolution. The moral revolution. Where  same-sex marriage has gone from unthinkable to mainstream. As Albert Mohler writes: We are now witnesses to a revolution that is sweeping away a sexual morality and a definition of marriage that has existed for thousands of years.’ And all in the blink of an (historical) eye. […]