Dodging the “Exile” Bullet At Sydney Uni – For Now

A Basic Freedom is Upheld: But For How Long?

Common sense won the day at Sydney University this week. After earlier threatening to exile (i.e. de-register) religious clubs who required their leaders and members to be, well, religious, the Sydney University Student-Union came to see reason:  ‘After long and thoughtful consultation with our religious communities on campus, the University of Sydney Union Board of Directors […]

Have You Heard What’s Happening At Sydney Uni?

When A Christian Group Isn't Allowed To Be Christian

If you haven’t yet heard, there’s a storm brewing at Sydney University. The ‘Honi Soit’ campus newspaper reports : The University of Sydney Union (USU) has threatened to deregister the Sydney University Evangelical Union (EU) from the Clubs & Societies program over the latter’s requirement that all members must make a declaration of faith in Jesus […]